The season’s hottest runway

This Fashion Week, we held a show in Maharashtra, India. But this wasn’t regular programming. The runway was actually the route to clean water. The models were real women and girls who walk that route every day. And their accessory, the water jug, was their family’s lifeline.

Help us build a future where
no woman has to walk for water



people in India reached through water and sanitation services

Water Rights are women’s rights

From a young age, every aspect of a woman’s life — schooling, physical safety, health, economic opportunity, safe childbirth — is impacted by the lack of access to safe water and sanitation.

Water for People is taking on the global water crisis and changing millions of lives, by bringing water, sanitation and hygiene to women in India and around the globe. Together, we can make a difference.


Impact on Women and Girls

Women collectively spend 200 million hours each day collecting water.

In 7 out of 10 households without water access, women and girls are primarily responsible for water collection.

In some rural regions of India, women can take up to six trips a day, walking 6,570 miles a year for water.