India is rapidly progressing towards total sanitation coverage. Past few decades have seen substantial growth in safe and reliable sanitation access, thanks to concentrated efforts and investments.

As India moves towards achieving ODF status, the challenge now is to manage the large volume of faecal sludge generated from the growing number of septic tanks and latrines. Water For People India will be focusing on sustainable Fecal Sludge Management (FSM), with last-mile coverage, through the following activities:

We are seeing considerable growth in sanitation coverage. But this also creates the new challenge of managing the large number of latrines and faecal sludge it generates.

Building Latrine in Rural Areas
Reach – 220,000 individuals

For the last 7 years, Water For People India has strived to increase the latrine coverage in rural parts of Bihar, West Bengal, and Odisha. We have constructed more than 50,000 toilets and upwards of 120 sanitation enterprises or Points of Purchase (PoPs). Next up, Water For People India will assess the rural supply chains, sanitation coverage and finance mechanisms in select districts. Based on the findings of these assessments, we will develop initiatives to further increase our investment efficiency.